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Returning September 2024

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This group is called Maternal here in México. Our Canuckies turn two years old no later than December 31st of the current school year. 


Personalized Learning

We have one group of 10 students maximum accompanied by two teachers. We assess our children's development and interests which allows us to design personalized activities and schedules based on their needs. 


Potty Training Program

We have a program that allows our students to go from diapers to undies when they are ready and families are on board. We consider factors such as language and motor skills. Our psychology department can give personalized assistance.



Our Canuckies have a day immersed in English. Focusing on developing social, motor, and language skills according to their age to later learn concepts that will make them ready for PreK.


Learning Environment

This is the only group with a home classroom. Students have an open space room, a large mirror, a rock wall, a television, a reading corner, a change table, but most of all a child-friendly organization. 

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